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CNN aired a 3-part series about how a family learns new ways of interacting with their 13-year old daughter from an Autism Partnership therapist. Read more about this family's inspiring story at CNN.com.

Treating Children with Autism: AirTalk "On the Road"

Host Larry Mantle (KPCC 89.3 FM) discussed autism treatment with a panel that included Dr. Ron Leaf during his December 18th show. We are providing links to the podcast for anyone who is interested in hearing the controversial discussion. As people who are familiar with Autism Partnership already know, we feel strongly about standing up for evidence-based practice in the field of autism. Some panel members made claims for treatments which are not based in science and you will hear Dr. Leaf explain why it is important to critically evaluate such claims and what are the dangers of pursuing popular treatments that are based mainly on parent-to-parent anecdotal reports. Listen

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb The Sweet Spot for Psychology Information

Dr. Ron Leaf is her guest on this Podcast discussing Sense and nonsense in the Behavioral Treatment of Autism. Don't be confused by Dr. Lara's inadvertent reference to ADHD, this discussion is entirely about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology

Effective Education for Autism discusses the work of Autism Partnership in assisting the Clark County, NV school district to provide Free Appropriate Public Education to children with autism.