Autism Partnership was formed in 1994 to meet the tremendous need for effective services for families with autistic children. The name, Autism Partnership, was chosen because of our entire agency's conviction that working collaboratively with all those involved in providing support and services is fundamental to a family's and child's success.

Autism Partnership believes in comprehensive supports and services designed to meet the individual needs of the child within the context of his or her family and community. Our agency is devoted to supporting families in improving their child's functional ability and helping him or her achieve the greatest degree of independence and highest quality of life possible.

Our Directors have a combined total of over 50 years of experience in the autism field, using ABA teaching methodologies. Our local staff come from a range of educational disciplines and receive ongoing training from our senior U.S. based psychologists.

Our services focus on:

  • Reducing disruptive behaviour
  • Increasing learning behaviours such as self-control, attending, sustaining concentration, compliance
  • Teaching learning by observing others
  • Language and meaningful communication skills
  • Social skills (from basic to advanced)
  • Improving social interactions and developing peer relationships
  • Play & recreation skills
  • Conversation skills
  • Developing imagination and creativity
  • Independence
  • Sibling interaction and other family relationships
  • Cognitive/ academic skills
  • Motor skills
  • Emotional awareness and regulation
  • Self-help skills including dressing, eating, toileting
  • Community living skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Self-awareness and self-evaluation
  • Perspective taking
  • Sleep issues
  • Safety (in environment & with others)
  • Increasing learning and participation in the classroom and community
  • Generalization of these skills across people, materials and environments