Our direct line staff (Program Specialists) play a key role in the success of our organization. We employ Program Specialists in the Calgary area to work one-to-one with our local clients and carry out program goals. Autism Partnership is committed to providing our direct line staff with all the training required to ensure they can perform their duties with expertise and confidence. Training comes in many forms, including:

Monthly Training

All staff are required to attend monthly training sessions to further enhance their knowledge and skills. These sessions are both didactic and practical, consisting of lectures, case studies, videos, hands-on work with students, evaluations, and role-play situations.


Our Program Specialists receive regular supervision in the form of staff training doubles, sessions with our Training Coordinator, and clinics, all specific to the child they are working with. Most receive a minimum of 6-9 hours of hands-on training per month.

Performance Evaluation

Our staff are formally evaluated through review meetings and also using Autism partnership’s training modules. Evaluations are based on theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as professionalism, leadership, etc.

Out Of Town

Families outside of the Calgary area are responsible for hiring and employing the direct line staff that will work one-to-one with their child. Once hired, Autism Partnership’s Psychology Team will provide training for them. We will do everything we can to ensure that the staff parents employ are confident in their abilities and will be able to effectively implement programs recommended by Autism Partnership.