Developing ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) skills to effectively teach children with Autism or Developmental Disabilities

You've attended the lectures. You've read the books. Now it's time to practice!

Autism Partnership is pleased to announce the return of our 5 day hands-on training workshop! Parents and professionals will be provided with didactic information as well as practical experiences so that by the conclusion of the workshop, they will be able to implement ABA strategies to effectively reduce disruptive behaviours, teach adaptive behaviours, enhance communication and social interaction, improve independence with daily living tasks, and much more. It will also allow multiple opportunities to practice intervention strategies and receive immediate and constructive feedback, thus accelerating skill level.

Participants will work in groups of approximately three ‘teachers’ and one student (child). Activities will be guided and supported by members of Autism Partnership’s Psychology Team. Participants will practice implementation of discrete trial teaching procedures with a wide variety of students.

This workshop is currently offered once per year in August. Please contact Lisa Saelhof, Office Administrator, at or 403-205-2749 for more information.