Please note that these services are not currently available through the Autism Partnership Western Canada office, but they are available through the Autism Partnership US (California) location. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our US partner site

Jump Start

A one- to two-week session at the AP clinic designed to intensively assess learning and behavioral needs, determine the best methods to intervene, and begin intensively applying those methods and train parents and therapists to carry out the treatment. Assement and treatment is provided by a highly skilled team of Supervisory or Consultant level staff.

Crisis RES-Q

For children who are in crisis, Autism Partnership has developed intensive short term in-home intervention which is aimed at Restoring Everyone's Sanity Quickly (RESQ). Highly trained staff quickly assess the situation, then work with your family in your home almost 24/7 until the issues are resolved. During this time, you are provided with practical suggestions to help restore tranquility.